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The Man’s Technical Manual to Women

March 17, 2006

A book I’ve written — It helps men to understand what women really want! It also tells you how to give your ladies what they want, correctly! That way, she won’t tear you a new bootey! 😉 And you thought you knew it all…ha!

For all those gents out there who wish to understand their women (once you’re in a relationship,) I’ve written a book on the subject. Much of the content was taken straight from the horse’s mouth — your ladies!

If you’re interested, simply contact me at The cost for the book is $39.95 and well worth it’s weight in gold!

You can purchase it on ebay, or by sending me a payment via paypal. Just do a search for the title. I’m a verified paypal and ebay user, with an excellent rating.

You could also visit my dating site (just in case you’re worried about making payments or you have questions about it.)

You can read the book on the web…alas, you can’t copy it, or print it. Sorry folks,, but I obviously have to protect my interests!

There’s a rumor going around that it might be marketed through television…but I would love to get some more feedback on it, first! Wish me luck. 😉

The Man’s Technical Manual to Women

A Guide to Female Troubleshooting and Diagnostics!

by Rana Adamchick


Are you still stumbling around, when it comes to responding to your woman? Are you still scratching your head, and grumbling under your breath, when she puts you in an uncomfortable position? Are you tired of being the bad guy?

Are you fed up with dealing with the ‘tests’ she throws at you…you know, the ones you’re destined to fail, no matter what you do?

Well….You’re About To Learn the Secrets Most Men Will

Never Know…”

In the manual, you’ll learn…

  • What goes on, inside your woman’s mind;
  • Why she might be tempted to go elsewhere, and what to do about it;
  • The fatal mistakes to avoid (that most men make with their women);
  • The differences between how men and women think;
  • Why most women respond the way they do;
  • The secrets to communicating to a woman, correctly;
  • Why, you shouldn’t use what all the experts tell you;
  • The things men do, that annoy women, and kill intimacy;
  • What women seek in a man;
  • How to respond to the questions she asks you, appropriately;
  • How to deal with the tests and games, she plays with you;
  • What she’s really saying, when she asks you a question;
  • Why each statement/question she says, isn’t said outright;
  • How to talk to her about sex!

And that’s just a little bit of what’s inside….

This e-book will walk you through things you never knew about your woman. You’ll learn a completely new way to handle the problems she throws at you! You won’t learn how to act like someone you’re not. Instead, you’ll learn how to speak an entirely different language — without bumbling through it. I give you the words a woman wants to hear, exactly! I tell you what she’s really saying. No more beating around the bush! This book is written so that any man can understand it…in a man’s language! And, it’s written with smiles in mind. Translation…you might just catch yourself laughing when you read it! It’s guaranteed to make life easier!

Of course, above is just ‘some’ of what you’ll learn. The book covers everything you could ever hope to know about a woman, regardless of what she says. It tells you the best responses to use and it teaches you her language, so that you can avoid the problems — before they occur!

Not only that, but it comes with a money back guarantee! If you’re not satisfied (for any reason,) we’ll refund 100% of your payment up to 24 hours, after purchase.

This book should be one of the hottest things on the market. It goes against everything you’ve ever learned about women — because most of the information you’ve run across, is a bunch of malarkey!

Men have been asking for a manual on women for years.

Well…This is the manual!

Don’t miss out! I’m only running this as a test run before it hits the stands, to see what others think. You can’t purchase this book anywhere, as it’s one of a kind! Once it comes out in print it will no longer be here, naturally. So, you might wish to contact me, before it comes out in print.Some more things, you will learn inside the book:

  • How to obtain the trust you want;
  • How to make her look at you, differently;
  • How to get her to agree to most of the things you want — without arguing;
  • How to avoid the majority of fights;
  • How to understand her thought pattern;
  • How to touch her, so that she doesn’t fake it;
  • How to build the intimacy between you and her;
  • How to deal with the little green monster, inside her;
  • What to say, when you’re caught looking at another woman;
  • How to make her feel like you’re her knight;
  • How to stop the yelling and tears…

and loads more!

Upon purchase, you will receive an id and password to access the e-book.

Below you can find a few excerpts from the book:


Most men think that they’re pleasuring their women, because they’re making sounds (screams, etc.) in bed. The majority also think they’re bringing their woman to ecstasy, whenever they make love to them.

Don’t count on it!

Surprise, most women have learned the art of faking! In fact, many learn it very early on. Generally, if you don’t know…a good rule of thumb is to ask. However, how you ask, could make you a king or a frog!

If she comes to you, she’s already in the position of…”I’m not sure I can communicate this, but I’m trying”…however, she’s anticipating you won’t be able to serve her steak, when you’ve been doling out hotdogs, all this time.

This is what’s commonly termed…”a catch 22 situation!”

She can’t tell you openly (or completely) and you don’t know what to ask!

The majority of women aren’t interested in making love all night, unbeknownst to men. In fact, it’s not about how long you go (believe it or not!) In actuality, it’s mainly about being held, cuddled, stroked, and the emotional connection she feels toward you. If there isn’t a connection, then she won’t be making love to you for very long. The sex will simply die off! Mind you, this can happen after only a few short (no pun intended) months of dating.

Yes, she will assume you don’t know what you’re doing! However, she will continue, regardless, until she gets to the spooning part. Add in a few ‘oouu’s’ and a couple of ‘ahhh’s’ and many a man gets the impression that she’s really into it. Surprise, surprise — she’s not! Sad, eh? Unfortunately, it’s also all too common!Yet another excerpt:

Most will respond…”Hey, we’re talking about a man, remember?” Then, these same women will say something to the affect of…”That’s ok, I can teach him!” What they’re really saying is…”NO!” and “He needs training!” You think a woman is going to tell her man that he doesn’t have a clue how to touch her, or how to make her feel good? If you do, I have a lovely bridge for sale, with your name on it! Trust me — it will never come out of her mouth, at least if she has any desire to keep the relationship in tact!Yet another excerpt:

You see, a woman gets wet, and warm down there, regardless of whether you turn her on or not — AND, most have been practicing the faking, for years…long before you ever came (pun) into the picture! Do you still think you can tell?


More excerpts:

“It’s Nothing!”

“It’s nothing!” means you’re about to deal with something ‘REALLY HARD!’ Yes, you’ll need to put on your listening ears, as “nothing” means “something”, but she doesn’t feel comfortable enough to talk to you about it – yet!

Just put on your sensitive nature and don’t do it, later…Do it now! The longer you wait, the more likely she will hide her negative feelings, inside. Don’t fret, she will get them out, eventually — and trust me, you want her to do so! If she doesn’t, she could very well hit you with something you never anticipated. She could use that anger to catapult another argument into oblivion. You see…for all intensive purposes, if you don’t handle a problem quickly, your mate/girlfriend or wife will eventually explode! No, not literally — but, it will feel like an explosion to you!

Here’s something to take into consideration…

‘Pain breeds anger and anger breeds resentment!’


Another excerpt from the same section:

So remember…the next time YOU hear those dreaded words, “It’s nothing!” — keep in mind that ‘in womanese’ nothing is NOT really nothing — it’s something! Of course, something must be done to assure that ‘nothing’ remains nothing, that ‘something’ can overcome. Simple, isn’t it? Hmmm…

Let’s go to another section of the book:

“Yeah, Right!” is another common phrase that’s part of a woman’s vocabulary. Your lady faire will use it, when she doesn’t believe what you’re saying, or she’s heard what you’re claiming, already! Fair warning, you won’t understand what that phrase really means, unless you watch her visual actions. You see, she uses those words for different situations!

If she says it sarcastically, (she rolls her eyes, etc.) you can safely assume that it translates to — “Keep thinking I’m going to believe what you’re saying! I know better!” It means, she’s already heard this line, and she’s not buying it, for one second! Try to remember — most women, by a certain age, have heard just about every lie you could possibly make up. They’re already wise to any B.S. you could throw their way. They’ve probably dealt with situations that you only dreamt.

Besides that — women also realize that if they tell you…they don’t believe you, you’ll use the old line on them, “Are you saying you don’t trust me?” Fellas, your woman has heard that line, for years! It’s time to wise up, and smell the coffee! You can’t select when you’re honest with them. Face it…most realize when you’re lying!

Of course, it’s a two-sided coin. She has to reciprocate, obviously! However, if you want your woman to be honest with you, all the time, and yet, you’re not honest with her, completely — do you really think she will be totally honest with you? It will never happen — because she’s not about to give you that power, over her.

Another excerpt:

I’ve known many a man that went down the path of no return, when he chose to become excited, during a heated conversation with his lady. Interruption was the name of the game!
Yes, “Never Mind” was uttered many times, during these talks, and “never mind” became ‘never minded,’ the next time these gents spoke (or wanted to do anything on their own!)

Alas, not all were as intelligent as they claimed — for if they were, they would have kept their lips zipped and held their significant ones close. That way, they could have lived peaceably…to fight, yet another day. Instead, they presently stand above a tall building…calling out, “I am super dude, hear me roar,” as they pay the next month’s alimony support!

Which will you do, grasshopper?  


If you can’t handle the truth about women…then don’t read this book!

The book explains everything you could ever hope to know, to understand your lady! You won’t just understand a woman — you will know exactly what she wants to hear and what you should and shouldn’t tell her — not to mention…how to respond in most situations! You’ll learn why she thinks, the way she does and why she won’t tell you, outright! Yes, you will finally know the proper way to deal with the problems, so she doesn’t make your mind wonder…”hmm, now what?”

Trust me…you won’t know what to do, once she starts communicating on her level — even if you think you will! I guarantee you will be stunned to find out what a woman really wants in a relationship, and what she’s willing to do to obtain it!

Will you be left in the dark, alone…again?

Simply contact me at: to purchase a copy of it.             

Oh, and don’t blame me for the way the post is written. It seems the blog keeps spacing my letters, incorrectly, not to mention changing fonts. I’ve tried everything I know, to no avail. If anyone knows why, feel free to speak up! 😦